Skin Pretty

Investing in your skin is a must. Your skin stands as your representative every time you enter a room. Fortunately, my siblings and I were blessed with appreciable skin that requires minimal maintenance. However, I am the one that’s extra, I do all the things that require me to do more than the bare minimum to maintain untroubled sheathing.

When it comes to my face, I have to protect it in the brutal moments of every season. As an educator, track mom and track coach, I spend a lot of time outdoors. From the grueling winds of winter, to the intensity of the heat that is summer, your girl is outside. So, taking care of my skin is a top priority. To protect my arms, I wear a lot of long sleeved shirts and to protect my face I wear hats and visors. But if you know and truly understand, you know this is not enough. If I had to pick a body part that I loved the most, legs would be at the top of the list. Because I’m in shorts or skorts much of the summer, to keep my legs from getting dried and crisp, I take extreme caution in keeping my legs protected. I follow the same routine during the summer and winter because consistency works. My first layer is always baby oil gel. I use Johnson and Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel, and more often than not, I use Walmart’s Equate Baby Oil Gel. This helps seal in the moisture when layering products. Next I use Dermasil, which is actually a Dollar Tree brand of lotion. Trust me, it works. I then use a thin layer of Palmer’s Vitamin E Oil to aid in the moisturizing of my skin and to give me a little shine. During the summer months I top this off with Coppertone Glow Shimmer which is a sunscreen that allows me to keep that glow. Now if you like your legs to have a little sparkle and smell good, you can also add Truly’s Unicorn Body Butter to your routine. This will have you shining and smelling delectable.

When it comes to my arms, I use this same routine minus the baby oil gel. I don’t want to sweat and have all the oils soaking through my clothes, especially in the summer.

Now, you can hide your legs, but you can’t hide your face. We know a good skin care routine can slow down aging, prevent acne and improve skin hydration. For my face I cleanse with Naturium. I found this cleanser at Target and instantly fell in love with it. I also liked the fact that Target had a travel size I could experiment with before purchasing the full size product. I also do a facial mask once a week and it definitely leaves my face feeling refreshed. Now the absolute two best products I found in 2022 was the e.l.f. gentle peeling exfoliant and the e.l.f. Makeup- Melting Cleansing Balm. If you want an understanding of dead skin cells, please try this exfoliant! And when e.l.f. says melting balm, they mean melting, it literally melts the makeup off of your face. I follow my cleansing with Provence Beauty Vegan Serum. After that, I add Bonajour Natural Moisturizer, which is also a serum. I use the Caffeine Eye Cream to reduce the puffiness under my eyes, and you know the last thing I add, you guessed it, some vitamin E oil.

Another step I’ve used to enhance my skincare routine is using exfoliating gloves. I use them during my scrubs when I bathe and they definitely enhance the silkiness of my skin. I also use then when exfoliating prior to getting waxed and it gets those hairs out of that chokehold that the root has them in.

What are some of your skincare routines? Do you have any products that you stand by? Are there any techniques you’ve used to intensify your appearance? Drop some suggestions below.

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