San Antonio, TX.

Everybody that knows me, knows that I am a huge fan of San Antonio. Growing up in Texas, one of the field trips in elementary was to visit The Alamo. This appeared to be a standard field trip for most schools, so I started my journey to San Antonio at a pretty young age. As I got older, I started traveling to San Antonio for pleasure. Sea World opened, I went to San Antonio. Six Flags over Texas opened, I went to San Antonio. Holiday Lights on the Riverwalk, I went to San Antonio. Ripley’s Believe It or Not, I went to San Antonio. Spurs are in the Playoffs! I went to San Antonio. Go Rio Boat Tours, you guessed it, I went to San Antonio. I’ve gone to San Antonio at least once a year my entire adult life; and in recent times I’ve realized I still don’t know anything about San Antonio.

Recently, I traveled to San Antonio for a track meet and had the opportunity to visit Trinity University for the first time ever. Years ago, when I was an athlete, I traveled to San Antonio for competition. Not once did I ever think to visit any of the universities in San Antonio. While I was on the campus of the university, riding through down the compact lanes surrounding the university, I had an opportunity to see the dorms, some of the amenities and how quiet campus life appeared to be on the weekend. I also discovered the school I was there to support at the track meet had a basketball team competing in the NCAA Tournament. So, of course, I went to the basketball game to support the women’s basketball program. It was there I determined the campus wasn’t really quiet on the weekends. It appears everyone had been resting up for this match up. It was a copacetic experience, an opportunity to do something new.

I was only scheduled to be in San Antonio for 24 hours, so per usual I had to dine on the Riverwalk. I can’t even estimate the number of times I’ve been on the Riverwalk. I’m not sure what route I took this time, but it led me to the Kallison Love Lock Walk Bridge. I have walked the Riverwalk from one end to the next and never knew this bridge existed. I know most cities have these bridges but I had never seen one up close and personal. It was a pretty cool experience.

After finding the bridge, I drifted slightly off The Riverwalk in a different direction while looking for the ladies room. In those streets, I discovered La Villita Historic Arts Village. It’s a small village right off of The Riverwalk that has little shops, art museums and cafes. I visited Scentchips, a wax shop. They offered a variety of scent chips that can be used in your wax warmer. Of course, I grabbed a few boxes without even being able to remember if I had a wax warmer at home. They smelled so delectable, I couldn’t resist. Next, I visited SAAAC Museum which is in the process of adding but had a number of artifacts that sparked discussion.

The day was nice, the weather was spectacular so I left The Riverwalk and decided to look for Hemisfair Park. Ha! I didn’t have to go far. The park was basically across the street from The Riverwalk and it was a gem! The park had restaurants and wineries and waterfalls and ice cream shops. I could have spent the entire day out there! But, I had to return home and prepare for the week ahead. I decided right then and there I would be returning to San Antonio sooner than later to go back to this park and enjoy all it had to offer.

My next trip to San Antonio is already planned in my head. This trip has motivated me to truly venture out in San Antonio. While I truly love the things I have consistently done, this trip was just a reminder that the world has so many things to offer. This was my reminder to do try something new by stepping beyond the limits of what I already know.

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