What to Do? What to Do?

Spring is here and warmer weather is right around the corner. While we are still dealing with bouts of cold weather, most days are sunny and comfortable enough for people to move around outside. Because we no longer have an amusement park in Houston and you have to drive quite the distance for water parks, many people are constantly in search of “family fun”. Families flock to the rodeo because it is one of the few experiences for the complete family to enjoy. Once the rodeo ends, many clans are back to square one wondering what to do, what to do. However, if you look around, there are many fun-filled activities for the family in Houston and its surrounding areas. Below is a start to new adventures!

  1. Frobergs – It’s strawberry picking season and Frobergs is a great place to go. They give you large buckets and you can go out and pick as many or as few strawberries as you want. I find it very fulfilling to see so many kids out in the fields having a great time, full of joy and worry-free. While you’re there, you can also purchase fresh vegetables to enjoy.
  2. Live Steamers – This is an attraction that consists of train rides in Hockley, TX. You can enjoy this attraction every third Saturday of the month from March until November. Passengers can board the train, free of charge, and take a scenic ride through the park. There’s also enough land to take advantage of a family picnic before or after the ride.
  3. James Turrell’s Epiphany at Rice University – This light sequence takes place during sunrise and sunset on select days. This is an opportunity to view magical performances of light and sound. It’s also an opportunity to discover the campus of Rice University. Get there early if you want to get a seat.
  4. Miller Outdoor Theater – The Miller Outdoor Theater puts on shows for grown ups and kids alike throughout the year. During the spring, the family can enjoy the shows as well as ride the train, stop for snow cones and roll around on the hill.
  5. Sunny’s Flea Market – This is truly the spot for family fun. This flea market extends for miles and you can shop for almost anything you want. The fun part is the flea market is close to Lucky Land, there’s a small carnival for kids, there are rows and rows of food trucks AND there’s an indoor club for people of all ages and sizes. Everyone is welcome here!

If you’ve been looking for places to go, here’s a start to your “Spring Fling”. These are great places to visit before the dreaded heat of the summer moves in and makes us want to stay inside and eat ice cream all day. These are family friendly places, great for all ages, so go ahead and start your fun!

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