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Seasonal Bucket List

While I’m still in a phase of being slightly nervous about the idea of being around large groups of people or unfamiliar people, I am now finding that I need to let go of fear and try to experience some … Continue reading

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Survivor Part II – Teacher Edition

While I’ve never watched Survivor, I definitely understand the premise of the show. With limited options, you must show you are able to fend and provide for yourself. In becoming an educator more than twenty years ago, I don’t recall … Continue reading

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Am I Good Enough?

Recently an acquaintance of mine posed the question, “Who first told you that you weren’t enough?” Very few people responded and I wondered if it was because most women are embarrassed to say they don’t recognize their worth or have … Continue reading

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“Born Under a Bad Sign”

I was born under the zodiac sign Leo which is a fixed sign. Leos are known for stabilization, determination, depth and persistence. While definitely known to get things done, Leos also have some substandard qualities that are quite infuriating to … Continue reading

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