It’s All About Me


Greetings! I’m Sharicka Freeman and I am new to blogging. I am a mother, wife, traveler, and fabshionista!

I became a fashion addict years ago. After purchasing school clothes, my mom would take me to Penney’s or Sears and we would sit and sift through catalogs for hours trying to find the perfect shoes to match my outfits. She kept me in colors and I was ALWAYS accessorized.

I also started traveling at a young age as a result of my success as an athlete. Traveling became a part of my life and I have continued to travel for pure enjoyment in my adult years. I also travel as a way of exposing my son (who is a lover of all things related to history and geography) to different lifestyles/cultures.

My husband and I often say experiences make us who we are and my experiences have kept me in the stores, in cars, on planes and even on buses. I hope you enjoy my blog as I take you through my journey while sharing my creativity, my passion for fashion and my adventurous excursions.

If you enjoy my posts, you can also follow me on Instagram @sharicka99.

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