Dewberry Farms

We made it! It took forever but, the weather finally cleared up in enough time for us to make it to Dewberry Farm for the final weekend. Because the weather had been so bad, they actually extended the farm opening another week, before closing for the fall season.

The farm was full of fun-filled activities for younger kids and our God-daughter took full advantage of many of the activities. She ran, jumped, climbed, slid, picked pumpkins, and even dropped a pumpkin on my head. She was all over the place with the biggest smile on her face. My son on the other hand, not so much. He was not entertained with the activities but he went along with the group. He did, however, hit our God-daughter with the tetherball in an attempt to play with her. That was his fun for the day. LOL!

The family, as a whole, enjoyed our Sunday Funday. We had an opportunity to spend the day together, free of T.V. and football. It was honestly a great day of family, fun and fellowship.

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