Counting Down My Top Five Summer Adventures – #5 Second Saturday Boat Ride On Buffalo Bayou


With summer vacation coming to an end, and the entire family gearing up for one of the best school years ever, I have decided to do a recap of my top five summer adventures over the next five days.

During the summer, we generally try to find something new and different to do locally. This year we experienced the Second Saturday Boat Ride on Buffalo Bayou. The tours start at 6:00 PM, and the last ride starts at 8:00 PM. The tour of downtown Houston on the water was approximately twenty five minutes and one of the most relaxing things we did this summer. The tour guide pointed out some of Houston’s well known landmarks, but I’m not sure I heard much of anything she said. The boat could have gone in one full circle five times; she could have sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher and I would not have cared. The ride was so soothing and enjoyable.

If you’re looking for a quick weekend excursion with the family or an inexpensive and casual date, this is a perfect idea. Take a moment to escape from the fast pace of the streets while cruising along the city’s historic waterway.





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