Counting Down My Top Five Summer Adventures – #3 Rehoboth Beach

My family did a lot of riding this summer and whenever my husband gets behind the wheel he is bound to find some undisclosed location that makes our family and friends say, “Where did you go?” Driving a total of 3,514 miles, there was no way he was going to disappoint this year. He went above and beyond in leading us to Rehoboth Beach, a city along the Delaware Beaches that is small, quiet and family friendly.

Rehoboth Beach houses a beach, boardwalk, four outlet malls and the largest liquor store in Delaware. Our family visited the beach during the day and stayed out there enjoying the scenery even when it rained. During the evening, we walked the boardwalk and spent time playing basketball games and skee-ball. The Boardwalk also had popcorn that surpassed the deliciousness of any popcorn I’d ever had.  We did go to the outlet malls to shop at the conclusion of our visit and the pinnacle point of the trip was not having to pay sales tax on anything!

Moments like these are the ones I never forget. We spend so much time having to answer the questions, “Where is that place and how did you find it?”, “Why did you pick that place?” and “What did you do while you were there?” and that makes our mysterious getaways that more memorable.


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