Counting Down My Top Five Adventures of the Summer – #1 Touring Washington D.C.

“Then I realized adventures are the best way to learn.” – Author Unknown

Every summer my family takes a vacation, and we usually drive to our destination. I am learning to appreciate the long rides because it gives us the opportunity to create our own schedule allowing us to relish in the moment.

This year’s destination was Washington D.C. My son had been asking to go for three years; we finally agreed he was ready to take in all the sites with a greater appreciation of what was to come. After traveling three days, stopping in other states and visiting numerous sites, we made it to D.C.

Prior to arriving, we agreed on the sites to visit so each one was fulfilling, but of course I had my favorites. Among the many sites visited was The Washington Monument, The Air and Space Museum, The White House, The Smithsonian, Arlington National Cemetery/Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, The Lincoln Memorial, The Newseum, The World War II Memorial, and The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. In addition, we also had the chance to visit Georgetown University and Howard University.

One of the most gratifying experiences was going to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and witnessing the Changing of the Guard. While observing such an amazing event, we tried to determine the patterns of the tomb guards steps and turns. We were definitely fascinated at the footprints in the mat that indicated the stride of all the tomb guards’ steps were exactly same every time.

Although all sites were of high amazing, The Newseum was my most favorable place. Starting from the outside, the front page of a newspaper from every state was on display. Upon entering the Newseum, we were able to watch videos about 9/11, the evolution of the sports, and America’s Most Wanted. There is an entire room that houses newspapers that display the top three stories of every year beginning in 1959. There are pieces of the Berlin Wall, the remnants of a reporters car that had been bombed, and a section dedicated to terrorism on US soil.

As part of the Newseum tour, we had an opportunity to participate in an interactive display as a local news anchor on several pre-determined stories; I had the pleasure of reporting on The Cherry Blossom Festival. Outside, on the top floor, revealed a breath taking view of Washington D.C. and of course, more newspapers. After 4.5 hours in the Newseum, we still failed to watch all of the videos and cover one floor. But unfortunately, it was closing time and we had to go.

This trip was definitely one of the best. And to add icing to the cake, driving to D.C. allowed us to steer off the path and visit a few friends that have become family on our way home. It was truly a blessing to take this trip as we returned home with smiles and left others with smiles of their own.

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