Bimini, The Bahamas




During the winter break I had the privilege of visiting Bimini, The Bahamas. It was a delight to leave the cold, brutal weather for a few days to bask in the sun.

Bimini is the smallest Bahamian island and covers approximately seven miles. Our modes of transportation throughout the trip were quite engaging at all times. We took a two hour ferry ride from Miami to the island where a shuttle was waiting to take us to our resort, Resorts World Bimini. Because of the size of the island, we were able to walk to most places and opted for a golf cart to get a full tour of the seven mile span that is Bimini. We opted for a small plane to return and the flight was approximately 20 minutes. Because we met and made “friends” on the ferry, each ride was an adventure as we came in constant contact with our new acquaintances.

While in Bimini, we spent most of our time “inside the gates”. We were able to enjoy the beautiful blue waters on the private beach, the casino, the pool on the fifth floor overlooking the beach, the restaurants and the full scenery of what constitutes #biminibliss.

Outside the gates, we were able to explore and interact with the residents of Bimini/Alice Town. One of the coolest things was riding down the streets and waving to EVERYBODY. We visited beaches outside the gates, found the bread house, ate fresh seafood from the beach, drank from coconuts and fellowshiped some more with our “friends” from the ferry.

Bimini was a very nice and pleasant getaway. It was very relaxing and exciting at the same time. Such a joy to have the opportunity to enjoy good eats, blue skies and even bluer waters and to sit and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.


View from the fifth floor of the hotel. #resortsworldbimini


Beach views


Departing Miami on the ferry.




Our transportation for the week.


The Dolphin House


Beautiful sunset

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