Summer??? Is That You?


With less than two weeks to go in the school year, I am anticipating the last day of school. In an effort to leave on the last school day when the clock strikes 12:00 (noon that is), I have started my own check out procedures. I am looking forward to taking time away from other’s kids and spending more time with my own. I want to have a moment of selfishness and relax, focus on my family and live life as if I have not a worry in the world. Yes, it’s safe to say I am looking forward to summer (break)!

My summer break has to include trips to the beach. I can’t swim but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to go to the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. The sound of water mixed with laughter is pure joy to me. And besides hearing sounds of pleasure, I also like putting on a cute bathing suit.

Another reason I look forward to summer is the thrill of taking our summer vacation. We finally narrowed our options down to two choices and before summer ends, I will surely post about our destination of choice and the fun we had.

In the midst of finalizing travel plans, taking a trip to the beach, coaching and starting school, again, I am looking forward to having down time. I am planning to catch up on my reading, watch all the reruns of Law and Order until I fall asleep, go to the gym for Zumba classes, and lounge around the house listening to my son’s stale jokes. Oh, and I plan to intake at least half of calories I burn at the gym eating “fun foods”. Hurry up and come through summer, this girl has been waiting on you!

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