Quirky Teacher Habits



Summer Break is officially over and the kiddos are back in the mix. It’s amazing how students are able to pick up on the habits of their teachers in a very short period of time. They notice EVERYTHING and will quickly go home and tell their parents. They seem to believe our conventions are created for their entertainment. Listed below are five of my habits students and colleagues have picked up on and find quite hilarious.

  1. I eat two boiled eggs almost every single weekday during the school year. I usually treat myself two Fridays out of the month to something different and more exciting.
  2. I keep a log/journal of what I wear to work daily.
  3. All chairs in certain areas of my classroom must match. All the chairs assigned to student desks are a match. All chairs assigned to tables match.
  4. I do not keep Kleenex in the classroom for students because I prefer they step outside the room to blow their nose. Restrooms are literally outside of my door. Leave please!
  5. No matter what content area I am teaching, students are required to have a book available in my classroom and keep a reading log.

What are some of your daily practices? Do you have routines or do you simply ride the wave? Do you change your patterns of behavior when away from work? As crazy as these things seem, the people around me have become accustomed to them very quickly. I’ve had a teacher actually go to my journal and write down my outfit for the day and the kids always inquire about my eggs.




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