Traveling? Maybe, Maybe Not?

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”― Anaïs Nin


Traveling has become a part of my self care. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove myself from family, friends, and even the voices in my head reminding me of all the things that need to be done. Last year, for the first time in my life, I took a staycation. I spent an entire weekend in a hotel, practically around the corner from my house, doing nothing. I had an opportunity to rid myself of any obligations for 72 hours. No phone calls, no school work, no responsibilities related to children, no career related events…72 hours to totally relax and bask in the calm.

This year we didn’t even start the planning for our annual vacation. Between the anticipation of senior activities, graduation and college decisions, a trip was the last thing on our minds. Now, with limited senior activities, postponed graduation dates and colleges unsure about campus openings in the fall, we’ve had an opportunity to discuss where we wanted to go and if we could possibly make it happen. Well of course we had a destination in mind, just no real plans. My trips for the year were to consist of…

  1. San Antonio, TX. – I don’t know what it is about San Antonio but I love it there! I do the same things over and over and over. I wanted to go to San Antonio and attend the state basketball tournament, go to a Spurs game and hang out on The Riverwalk. And of course, I would want to stop by the outlet in San Marcos. The day before we were scheduled to leave for this trip, the state tournament was cancelled and the NBA suspended the season.
  2. Las Vegas, NV. – This was a supposed to be a “Girl’s Gone Wild” Weekend. This trip was to include a group of seven cousins that included two sets of sisters. We have never traveled as a group of seven but we are always together having the best moments at family functions. So, we decided we would join together and let everybody pick an activity and really get to know what others enjoys doing. With this group we could definitely make the next “Girls Gone Wild” video. This trip was scheduled for September but we’ve halted all plans.
  3. Norfolk, VA. – While my son was not scheduled to run summer track this year, this is the home of AAU Nationals for 2020. As one of the coaches of a summer track program, I was going to travel with the team this year, on the hot, muggy bus. Fun, fun! However, my husband was going to fly in later in the week so we could enjoy a few activities together in Virginia. The AAU committee will release more information regarding activities and events this weekend so this one might happen.
  4. Mykonos, GR. – This is one of my bucket list trips. I have been anticipating taking this trip for quite some time. I’m always looking forward to seeing different beaches and experiencing the night life in other countries. Of course, I am interested in sightseeing and visiting the museums and monuments. Oh, and did I say relax?
  5. Turks and Caicos – This is actually my husband’s choice. Whenever he makes a suggestion, I just say, “Yes, I’ll go!” He has yet to disappoint so where he leads, I’ll follow.

Do you have any travel plans for the year? Where are you planning to go or are you going to play it safe this year and stay home?


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3 Responses to Traveling? Maybe, Maybe Not?

  1. We had a grand trip planned to the Utah National Parks. However, the parks are closed and two hotels automatically sent me refunds. I have rescheduled most of the event for May of 2021. However, we were going to end in Sedona, AZ and as of now, we plan to take a short trip there at the end of May. One way or another we will take some sort of trip later in the year 😊 PS:Turks and Caicos sounds awesome. My kind of vacation! 🌴🥥


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