Birthday #46 – Wimberley, TX.


This week I celebrated my birthday and like many others that have celebrated their birthday this year, I celebrated in isolation. The difference between me and most people is this is typical for me. I had a couple of parties in high school and one birthday celebration as an adult, and I found that parties are not the most entertaining for me.

As a child, our birthday celebrations consisted of us having access to the biggest television in the house all day where we could watch what we wanted, dinner of our choosing and our favorite cake. This was enjoyable and sufficient for me as a child and as I’ve gotten older I find myself celebrating more and more birthdays in this very same manner.

This year we had to drop my son off to begin his first semester of college so I was looking for a few moments in seclusion to gather myself and regroup. My husband planned a trip to a hidden cabin with no neighbors and no noise. I had a couple of days that consisted of silence, wine, and complete relaxation.

Now, I’m not downplaying birthdays. It’s actually a pretty big deal for me. But the idea of crowds, parties and parades are just not my thing. However,  I do get excited for a new year, new adventures, and new goals. So cheers to 46 years!

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