Is Dinner Ready?


Is Dinner Ready?

“Is dinner ready?” During my son’s middle school and high school years, this was his first question after entering our home in the afternoons. As he got older and his schedule became busier, we found ourselves eating out more, actually a little bit more than anticipated. While the demands of our schedules didn’t always allow for a home cooked meal every day, we still found it necessary to eat complete meals. In addition to eating out throughout the week, we would use weekends to visit restaurants, some which were new and some we enjoyed enough to revisit and explore again.

Since the beginning of quarantine, we have yet to dine in many restaurants. We have dined in three spots, by default. Each time we were dropping off or visiting my son who is away for his first year of college. While still skeptical about sitting in close proximity to people, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss the idea of visiting some of our favorite restaurants.

I am a fan of all things Tex-Mex so I’m always on board to try new Tex-Mex places. The chips and salsa as well as the margaritas are a real treat for me. Tex-Mex being my favorite and my being allergic to shellfish/seafood, my options for dinner are sometimes limited. However, like most people I definitely have my preferences and I can’t wait to feel comfortable with the idea of dining out once again.

  1. Cyclone Anaya’s is probably one of my favorite Tex-Mex restaurants. There is nothing on the menu that I’ve tried that I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. The only spots I’ve found that are better are the ones in Mexico.
  2. Perry’s – While not a restaurant we visit often, we are always on board for one of their pork chops. Their pork chops are delectable and great for leftovers since they’re so massive.
  3. Del Frisco’s – Del Frisco’s provides a one of a kind dining experience. The sides are to die for and the ambience is very peaceful with its soft lighting.
  4. The Pit – Now The Pit is not a restaurant but it’s a local barbecue place that usually has lines outside the door. The food is phenomenal and the portions are substantial.
  5. Yard House – I’ve been to the Yard House on multiple occasions and I order the same thing every single time. I always eat the pancakes and spicy chicken. Yum!

Not being able to eat out as much as we would like has been slightly disheartening. We still get food to go from some of our favorites, however, my husband and I are empty nesters and we thought we would be in these streets making the most of all things.

Have you dined out recently? How comfortable were you with your experience and where did you go? Drop some of your favorites below so we can add some new adventures to our list.

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