Seasonal Bucket List

While I’m still in a phase of being slightly nervous about the idea of being around large groups of people or unfamiliar people, I am now finding that I need to let go of fear and try to experience some sense of normalcy in my life again. As I see more and more people doing outside, I want to ask them what makes them so comfortable with congregating and what precautions are they taking to stay safe and healthy. As we approach the spring season, which is my second favorite season, there are some things on my seasonal bucket list I want to enjoy. Although we are still in the middle of a pandemic and have just experienced one of the worst winter storms in my years of living in Texas, I too, am planning to start doing outside in this season. While many of the things I want to do are annual things, I missed Spring 2020 so I need to make up for lost time.

  1. Strawberry/Blueberry picking – We tried blueberry picking last year but there were no blueberries. I ended up picking sunflowers for the sake of picking something.
  2. Wine tasting – Wine tasting or tastings of any kind have been sparse. Even when stopping through Fredericksburg, we were not allowed to sample/taste any wines. It was a “buy and bye” approach.
  3. Visit Big Bend – I feel like the passengers on the Southwest commercial when they ask the question, Wanna get away?” Why yes, I would love to. Unfortunately Big Bend has been Big Booked. One member of the family has been calling hotels literally everyday to see if there have been any cancellations.
  4. Take a photography class – I’ve done one photography class and wanted to challenge myself to one more. I’m considering a virtual class but I’m definitely taking at least one more class.
  5. Attend Karaoke Night – I have not done karaoke since 2015 I believe it’s time to take this voice to the stage and make some people laugh or cry or leave.

My list is short and limited but my willingness to live again is substantial. If you’ve traveled or have been out and about as usual, what helped you escape your fears during this day and time?

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5 Responses to Seasonal Bucket List

  1. These ideas sound good💜


  2. I’m so excited for everything to open up again, I’m really going to appreciate everything so much more!


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