The Inn of the Hills

Inn of the Hills

When people said they were going to be outside this summer, they meant they were going to be outside, outside. There are no suitcases to be found. The cost of a rental car for a week is more than a monthly car payment. And hotels are charging mortgage prices for extended stays. People are glad to be “free”.

My family travels every summer so of course we are ready to go. However, we realized how much “The Lockdown of 2020” took us by storm. We didn’t take time to plan and prepare a year in advance as we usually do so we’ve been walking around confused. While we’re still finalizing plans for a vacation coming soon, we did have a chance to make an impromptu trip to Kerrville, TX.

In Kerrville, we stumbled upon this gem of a hotel called The Inn of the Hills. It’s in a very quiet but busy part of town. There were many restaurants to access but that was really the only flow of traffic in the area. And down the street was a body of water for those choosing to fish or just sit in the quiet. Even with options available, the best place to be was at the hotel.

The hotel houses a full restaurant, a game room, two pools, and lounging areas outside of every room and the restaurant. The pool area was so spacious, there were multiple families out and we never made contact with each other, not even to speak. And most importantly, it was extremely quiet. There was absolutely no noise. My type of place.

Needless to say, this was a pleasant getaway. It was a great opportunity to wind down and reset. It was also a welcoming opportunity to spend time alone with my small family. What are your plans for the summer? Are you going outside? Share some ideas below for somw of your favorite travel spots.

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