The Crayola Experience

The Entrance/Welcome Sign

This year’s summer vacation required us to travel across multiple states and during that time we started to allow our inner child take over. One of the states we visited was Minnesota and while there we decided to partake in the adventures of The Mall of America, the largest mall in North America. As an educator I felt compelled to participate in The Crayola Experience, because what educator does not love the idea of learning the history of Crayola while playing with them, right??!? 🥴 The Crayola Experience was recommended for kids 3-9 but stretched me far beyond my comfort zone.

One of the first activities you engage in is the naming of your crayon. You pick a color, name your crayon and print a label to place on your crayon. Easy breezy and then the fun begins! The second activity (if you move in order) requires you to photoshop yourself into a coloring page. Seemed cool until I was attempting it for the 30th time. At that point I was laughing so hard I couldn’t get a good angle. Creating the coloring sheet was far more difficult than we thought but it was also far more entertaining than we imagined.

From there, we decided to do Silly Selfies. You pick a design, align the eyes, nose and mouth with your features and snap a pic. Once you upload it, your selfie floats across the screen and you have to try and find yourself. More difficult than you can imagine when your own features are hidden. And the selfies…are very silly.

Next we did a lot of waxing activities. Melting crayons, creating figures made of crayons, etc. There was a line for one of the waxing activities because all of the girls wanted “the ring”. Sir, I would like the car. Yes, the car! Lol!

There were lots of activities that required you to color before you could create. For example, you would color a picture and then create a puzzle. Or you could color a picture and create a fashion design for a character.

While all the kids that were present with their local YMCA were eating lunch, my family decided it was the perfect time to catch a show. During the show is where we learned how crayons are named, the process for making crayons and what happens to the excess wax. When we finished we used our tokens to grab our parting gifts and laughed ourselves out the mall. The Crayola Experience was a ton of fun but your girl struggled. 😂

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