Don’t Rain On My Parade


The weather has been atrocious the past couple of weekends. We have dealt with severe thunderstorms, flooding and gloomy days. As a result of the rain, we have been confined to the house, lounging around and watching television. I’m sure this sounds great to most people, but we like to get outdoors on the weekend. So, after sitting in the house for another weekend, I decided I would not let the rain interfere with my “park day”. After church, I went out and took a slow stroll in my heels and in the mud.

This dress I wore for church was slightly different for me. If I had come across this dress about a year ago, I would have passed right over it because of the colors. However, when I saw it, I fell in love with the vintage look and the colors highlighted the look. The dress was on sale which is always a bonus for me. I planned to put purple accessories with it but once I put it on the purple seemed to fade in the background and I had to question if it was purple or black. This dress was super comfortable and very classic and I absolutely loved the look.

DSCF3932_1[1] DSCF3931_1[1]

DSCF3962_1_1[1] DSCF3959_1_1[1]


Outfit Details

Dress (NY&Co.)

Shoes  (Shoe Mall/Harwin District)

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