Blue Magic


Blue jeans are absolutely one of the greatest inventions ever. They have become timeless pieces because you can make them a part of any dress code. Blue jeans, paired with a nice suit coat, have become the new khaki for business casual wear.

The best thing I discovered about 10 years ago was blue jeans with 2% spandex. I love my jeans to have a perfect fit but I want to be comfortable and that comfort came along with the 2% spandex. When searching for pants now, the first thing I look to see is if they have the spandex in them. If not, I typically walk away.

Denim on denim has been my favorite thing for about two years. Although, I don’t have two denim pieces that are an exact match I will still try and make it work. I love the denim on denim combination because it gives you lots of options with accessories. Today, I opted to add a vest to give it just a little more flavor. It’s really light and very relaxed. I almost felt like Linus feels about his blanket. I had a sense of security in this vest. AND MY SHOES, my shoes were shockingly very comfortable. I was in them for approximately six hours (walking) and never felt any discomfort. Nothing like a cute pair of heels that don’t hurt to make a girl’s day! Happy feet equate to happy days!








Outfit Details

Jeans (NY&Co)

Blue Jean Shirt (Walmart)

Black Faux Fur Vest  (TJ Maxx)

Shoes (JustFab Online)

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