Baby Doll Dresses and Boots

20151122_135610_1_1[1]As the temperatures start to drop, I simply start making adjustments to my wardrobe by layering. During the cooler months, I add long sleeved shirts, cardigans and boots to the same pieces I wore in the summer and spring. This minimizes the amount of clothing I buy and it allows me to be very creative.

This baby doll dress I wore today could easily be paired with a tank and some sneakers for the summer. But, it was not tank top weather, so I opted for a basic long sleeved button down shirt and some boots. I also added a camel colored leather jacket because I needed something a little bit heavier than just a long sleeved shirt.

During my walk in the park today, the most amazing thing happened. I stumbled across a cross country meet! I have not been to a cross country meet in years so of course I had to hang around and watch the babies compete. I truly enjoy the simple things in life and watching those kids warm up in preparation for the meet was very fulfilling for me. They were super excited and I found myself entrapped in their eagerness and anticipation of what was to come. Of course, I took a few pictures of the runners as they quickly became the focus of my “Sunday Funday”!

Outfit Details

Plaid Babydoll Dress  (Forever 21)

White Long Sleeve Shirt  (NY&Co)

Boots (Shoe Hall/Harwin District)

Leather Camel Jacket (Burlington)

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