Pink Out!

DSCF4027_1[1]This weekend I had the opportunity to celebrate a friend’s 50th birthday and five years of her being cancer free. When I received the invite, of course it read, “wear a shade of pink.” I immediately went to the closet and pulled out a pink v-neck sweater. It was really the only pink item I had that I found appropriate for the cooler weather. Mentally, I paired this pink sweater with so many different bottoms…black capris, black shorts, blue jeans, a green skirt, red jeans, etc. If I thought it could match, I was going to take a chance on it with the pink sweater.

The night of the event I opted for a black skirt to wear with the sweater. The skirt had never been one of my options until about three hours before the event started. Of course, since this was a last minute change I also put together “Plan B”. I started getting ready and had just finished my make-up when I decided I didn’t want to wear the pink sweater after all. Every decision that had been made about this outfit had been centered around this pink sweater and at the last minute I decided it was too simple for me. I went back to the closet and pulled out a mauve sweater vest, which is mixed in with my spring/summer pieces, and pulled out a long sleeve white shirt that I typically pair it with for work in the cooler  months. I decided to take a risk with this look. The clothes said preppy but the  boots I chose to wear said edgy. The boots were a bigger risk than the last minute outfit because everybody suggested I return them with the exception of one friend. Well, needless to say the outfit was a hit. We partied in our pink for a purpose and I was genuinely happy to be able to celebrate my friend!


Outfit Details

Mauve Sweater Vest (Ny&Co)

White Shirt (Express)

Skirt (TJ Maxx)

Gladiator Boots (Trend Mall)


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