Designed Differently


When I first decided to blog, I tried to be real creative in coming up with a name. I wanted a catchy blog name that said I was a true fashionista. But, as I started thinking about what I wanted to blog about, I realized I am so much more than an occasional cute outfit. As I started thinking about who I am and who or what I often compare myself to, I immediately thought about Barbie.

I have often compared myself to Barbie.  Many people think it’s because of the superficial beauty that is determined by others. But, truthfully it has nothing to do with how she looks or even her fabulous wardrobe. My fascination with Barbie, or Mattel rather, has everything to do with the ability to see yourself for who you are and not compromise your worth for something temporary. Like Barbie, I desire to withstand the tests of time and still be able to stand firm in who I am. I want to fully understand, I don’t have to change anything because something new comes along in a better package and catches the attention of others. If you stay true to who you are, they will all come back, simply because you are genuine, and many people need that.

As a child, I asked for a Barbie every year for Christmas. It was my desire to have an extensive collection. My parents never understood why I asked for the same doll every year. The only difference from year to year was her outfit. They even tried to buy me the accessories collection, with the multiple outfits hoping that would solve THEIR Barbie dilemma, but to no avail. They bought me all the latest dolls, including the Cabbage Patch, Pretty Cut and Grow, and even the Strawberry Short Cake (was that the actual name?). It didn’t matter, I still wanted Barbie!!!

Years later, I am still a fan of Barbie. As an adult, I still collect dolls and I still desire the Barbie for the same reasons. None of the dolls mentioned above are on the shelves any longer, but Barbie is still standing. Mattel never did anything extra to keep Barbie on the shelves; they simply remained faithful to their brand and stood behind their product. They were forever comfortable in knowing a masterpiece had been created.

I, like Mattel, desire to be able to stand firm in my beliefs and who I am. I don’t desire to compete with anyone because I know that I am one of a kind. I know that with everything in my heart, I always strive for the best. And, when I have reached a level of excellence, I strive for something greater. The beauty in Barbie is being able to love yourself unconditionally just the way you are. Knowing that you were created for a unique purpose and daring to understand and accept that you are designed differently.




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