Switching It Up

Recently while sitting around talking with my sister, I made the statement, “I never wear the same outfit twice.” She looked at me with wide eyes and sat speechless. I’m sure she was wondering how can I say I’m a frugal person, but then make such a statement. From the expression on her face, I knew I needed to explain myself and even show her some examples of my forever evolving wardrobe. I explained to her never wearing the same outfit twice and never wearing the same clothes did not equate to the same thing. I showed her a few outfits and she had to laugh, not realizing she had seen all the outfits and never noticed she was seeing the same garments time and time again. Here are a few of my FAVORITE ways to switch it up.

  1. Shoes are one of the key components for me. I keep a lot of color on my feet. When looking for shoes with color, I usually opt for a multi-colored shoe versus multiple pairs of colored shoes. This allows me to wear the same pair of shoes with a number of outfits. But, regardless of the color, simply changing the shoes can give an outfit a whole new appeal.

  2.  Scarves and tights can also add a pop of color to your gear. I typically buy scarves and tights in bold prints and animal prints to spice up drab colors. Scarves can be worn all year. You can purchase a thinner material for the warmer weather and don’t layer/wrap it as many times as you would during the cooler months. Same thing goes for tights, check out thigh high tights. The material is usually thinner and the colors are, well…slightly wilder.
  3. Jewelry, I don’t do too well with colored, costume jewelry, especially around the neck. Often, I find it to be too bulky for my thin frame. So, I keep silver pieces to add flavor around my neck. And, I will save the bulky pieces for my arm.6158_2_1[1]
  4. Try colored bottoms versus the usual black, blue and gray. Colored bottoms give me lots of variety to pair up with the shirts that make up about 50% of my wardrobe. Colored bottoms can be paired with a black shirt, white shirt, blue jean  shirt and with most animal prints.
  5. I always try to pair my shirts up with a different bottom and vice versa. During the warmer months, I will pull out shirts and challenge myself to pair the shirts up with a new bottom. During the cooler months, I layer. I will add a cardigan over a dress or throw on a vest or a jacket to turn that summer outfit into a fall/winter outfit. And, sometimes I just switch out the jacket.



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7 Responses to Switching It Up

  1. aricouture says:

    You’re so fashionable, I love your outfits and advice, great post!


  2. kbrown21 says:

    Great ideas……thanks for challenging me to look in my closet differently….


  3. Oletha Basey says:

    I’m so proud of you and your blog… DREAMS…. love the advice…


  4. Brian says:

    I really enjoyed your article and I also utilize the switch up method with my wardrobe.


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