Channeling My Inner Sandy Dee


As a young girl, I was engrossed with the movie Grease. The Pink Ladies were the coolest females alive. After watching Grease, I promised myself when I got to high school, rocking leather pants was going to be my “ticket” into the world of popular fashion. Fortunately by high school, I was wise enough to realize 96 pounds in a pair of leather pants was not attractive. As a matter of fact, I ended up being the girl in the oxford shoes.

After reaching adulthood and watching Grease again, I realized there were so many lessons in the movie that were probably overlooked. As youngsters, fans of Grease were focused on how to become cool as well as the sexual behavior in the movie. Everybody in the movie wanted to fit in, and nobody was sure who they were beyond how they had been defined by their peers. During the movie, many of the characters had to do some “soul searching” to find their true identity. “Cool” looked a certain way; guys were either nerds or a nuisance. And, a nuisance wasn’t all that bad. Similar to guys, girls were put into two categories: “good girl” or “bad girl”.

How many of us have fallen into one of two categories? How many of us fall victim to conventions to avoid social isolation? In the movie, Sandy Dee chose to remain loyal to her values. Where do your loyalties lie with your values?

In a time where social media defines self worth, are you posting about self love? “I love me if nobody else does” is one example of postings I’ve witnessed. My fear is society needs such statements for personal validation. We can all learn a lesson from Sandy Dee; don’t compromise your values for the purpose of popularity.

Outfit Details

Faux Leather Leggings (Express)

Faux Leather Jacket (JustIn/Harwin Shopping District)

Black Shirt (Old Navy)

Shoes (Gift from my youngest sister)

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