The Providence on Southmore, Inc


The Providence on Southmore, a non-profit 501c3 organization in Houston, Texas was established with the purpose of assisting students with the intent to attend universities in the city by overcoming the obstacles that block many from completing degree programs.

The Providence on Southmore’s mission is to provide graduating high school students with support to ensure optimal conditions for completing their undergraduate degree programs within five years through: post-secondary planning/placement, degree completion support, internships, mentorships, life-coaching and volunteerships.

On January 30, 2016, The Providence on Southmore will host its third annual “Bowling Strikes for Education” fundraiser. This fundraiser allows families to bowl, dine and network with other groups that support students in high school and beyond.

Volunteers of The Providence on Southmore have also partnered with the team of NRG stadium. Throughout the year, volunteers complete tasks assigned by NRG’s staff which usually consists of working concessions during events such as football games and the rodeo. The Providence on Southmore receives funding for the efforts and attendance of volunteers. The proceeds along with those raised at the bowling event benefit students seeking higher education.

During the Spring of 2015, the first three recipients were awarded scholarships from TPOS. Also the founder, Dr. Karla Brown, partnered with other organizations to provide academic support to students enrolled in grades 9-12.

If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of our youth, please visit the website at You can find a listing of events that take place throughout the year and find out what TPOS is doing to make a difference in the community. You can also like their page on Facebook. Have you touched a child today? “Each one, reach one.”

A few pictures from the second annual “Bowling Strikes for Education” fundraiser.


TPOS volunteers posing for a picture before they head off to duty. #freshestpopcorn #coldestdrinks #cleanestfloor


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