Spring Savings

Spring arrived, and in the great state of Texas, the winds blew in with it. Spring is my favorite season of the year and it is the only time of  year I totally revamp my closet. I decide on a new favorite color and I find as many cute pieces in as many shades as I possibly can. With this in mind, I shop with every intent to save while expanding my wardrobe. So, how do you build a new wardrobe on a budget?

  1. Shop your closet and find transitional pieces. My favorite piece to transform is pants. After purchasing wide legged capris a few years ago and feeling like someone’s grandmother when I wore them, I stopped purchasing capris. Now, I cuff my skinny jeans to the desired length and wear my full length jeans as cuffed capris during the spring. I also use jeans that no longer fit in length, or have possibly faded after years of repeatedly being washed and create denim shorts. If the jeans are faded, I will turn them into a pair of distressed, denim shorts (Google DIY distressed shorts). I create dressy, casual shorts from slacks. I cut them and take them to the cleaners for hemming.
  2. Use coupons when shopping and use them appropriately. Many people don’t like to use coupons because they think “couponing'” results in overspending. Use the coupon so that it serves its purpose in saving you money. An example of using a coupon appropriately happened when I went to Penney’s looking for a vest for my son.The vest was $19.99 and the coupon for the week was $10.00 off $25.00 or more. I purchased a tee-shirt (don’t all boys use them) for $5.99 which resulted in my total exceeding the required spending amount. The coupon covered the entire cost of the tee shirt and I was able to get an additional $4.00 off the cost the vest.
  3. Shop resale shops and thrift stores. Years ago, I ran from thrift stores until I thought about the items I donated to Goodwill. I assured myself if I donated in that manner, many others were doing the same. I have found brand new items in resale shops with 75% savings, simply because they are now in the resale shop.
  4. Don’t be afraid to shop those clearance racks! Shop the “End of Season” clearance sales and put your things away for next year. I have a friend that runs from clearance racks. Personally, I don’t mind sifting through items for a good deal. I make sure I am not rushed and have sufficient time to look through items and check for damages before making purchases. My most recent “find of the day” was a skirt from Nordstrom Rack, that is most appropriate for the season, and it only cost me $0.01. (Yes, the numbers are in the correct order and my decimal is in the right place.)
  5. Sign up for rewards programs of the stores you frequent. This will cause an overflow in your emails, but you can start comparing sales. Most stores run the same sales at the same time every year. This way you can determine a good sale for certain stores and you can start to determine if they will run the items at a lower price, at a later date. This gives you an opportunity to save because you now have a timeline of when you are probably going to add selective pieces to your wardrobe. Signing up also allows you to get notifications regarding in store specials or early bird specials.
  6. Shop the outlets and stores like Ross, T.J.Maxx and Marshall’s.  Years ago, they carried items that were defective or one of last year’s hits. That is no longer the case. Many are now carrying the same items the regular store has in stock, at a cheaper price. In most cases, they get the overflow now.
  7.  Consider how often you’re going to wear a piece and if it will  transition for another season. Let that become a determining factor in how much you’re willing to spend for an item. If I’m purchasing sundresses to slip on for grocery store runs, I’m going to pay a very minimal price because it serves a small purpose.
  8. Shop the junior’s section. Many women become wounded when shopping in the junior’s section because they have to purchase a bigger size. Who’s really asking you what size you’re wearing? And, do you have to answer? Yes, I’ll take two sizes up and save for the same product in a different department!


Outfit Details

Denim Jacket – Old Navy (Deal of the Day $15.00)

Tee Shirt – New York & Company (Regular Price $14.99, with coupon $9.00)

Skirt – Buffalo Exchange and  Resale Shop ($7.50)

Gladiator Sandals – Just In – Harwin Shopping District ($21.00)

Multi-Colored Pumps – Just Fab (Regular Price $39.99-Last Year’s Spring Sale $19.99)

The total of all five pieces cost me under $100.00!!!!!

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