Dinner Dates and Pencil Skirts


My workload gives me the extreme pleasure of having to  walk around in flats, slacks, “teacher” sweaters and dresses with pockets that stay filled with EXPO markers, ink pens and candy wrappers. And all of those items are totally out of my comfort zone. So, when given a chance, I’m always looking for a reason to throw on my heels, pencil skirts and any other article of clothing that gives me a little pizzazz.

This past weekend, my husband and I decided to delight in dinner and desserts. This gave me an opening to put on my big girl clothes. I opted for this bodysuit (here) that had me tangled up for a few minutes and a pencil skirt (here) . The bodysuit definitely didn’t have the fit I was expecting but that made it even more appropriate to pair with the skirt. Because I didn’t feel like wearing stocking or tights, I chose a pair of booties. Something simple, yet chic and I was ready to go.

This look was great for our “adulting” experience. It was budget friendly, comfortable and stylish. Cheers!



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