Clear Creek Vineyard



During the summer months, as we anticipate our annual vacation, we buy time by seeking new adventures in our local area. Our first experience this year consisted of a wine tour and tasting.

We were surprised to find the Clear Creek Vineyard across the street from the Kemah Boardwalk, which is a place we visit at least twice a year. I purchased tickets on Groupon and the fee included a wine tour and picnic lunch. For an additional charge, we could indulge in the wine tasting.

Upon arrival, we were greeted and seated in a waiting room at a reserved table that housed our lunch baskets. The host came in and gave a brief history of the winery and its owner. From there, we started our tour which consisted of the three floor facility, a beautiful patio area and the resort. At the conclusion of the tour, we were guided back to the private waiting area where we enjoyed our lunch, a choice of three wine selections (red, white and fruity), and two fruity cocktails.

This was a new experience for my husband and I, and we thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company as well as the experience. The staff at Clear Creek Vineyard was remarkable, the picnic lunch was delectable and the wine was palatable. What a great way to start the summer break! Now off to our next adventure!






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