Bodycon Bliss


Bodycon dresses have been trendy for years but they are becoming more popular as women have gotten creative with the way they style them. In the past, fitted dresses were used for the purpose of going on dates and making sure they revealed a woman’s sex appeal. Now women are wearing these dresses as casual attire by pairing them with tennis shoes, flip flops and even boots.

I love a simple bodycon dress. For starters, they are comfortable. The attire gives a lady a lot of adaptability, which is great when you’re planing to eat a hearty meal on a date. Secondly, I enjoy the versatility of the garment. As stated, it can be worn in numerous conventions, such as casual, dressy, and even business, with the appropriate blazer. Bodycon dresses also imitate the shape of your body and will have a woman feeling sexy, free and confident. The appropriate ensemble will have you feeling as if you can set the world on fire.

I was able to snag this cutie during one of JustFab’s summer sales. The material is super soft and the dress was snug yet relaxed. I paired it with these black strappy sandals that I also purchased during JustFab’s summer sale. This complete look had me feeling comfortable, radiant and divine.





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