Fredericksburg, TX.


Due to a delayed vacation this year, the family decided on an impromptu getaway. We agreed it needed to be brief but adventurous, and it had to get us through the days until we were scheduled to leave for our official vacation. After a five minute conversation, we decided we were going to take our talents to the small town of Fredericksburg, TX.

After arriving and taking a quick tour of the city, we ventured to Enchanted Rock. We decided to take Summit Trail, which would lead us to the pinnacle. Upon starting the trail, we realized it was a steep incline; no twists, no turns, we were headed straight up. I immediately paused to mentally prepare myself for the course. When I stopped my son blurted out, “And look, mom is falling behind already!” Yes, I fell behind. Yes, I stopped and sat on every rock I had to climb over. And yes, I even stopped and talked to people that were sitting just so I could take another break. But, eventually, I made it to the top! The view from the peak was magnificent and it was cooler at the top. We spent quite a bit of time relaxing, laughing, snapping pictures and taking in the scenery from the summit of Enchanted Rock.

Of course a hike of that magnitude called for a meal afterwards. We walked around looking for local eateries and found Mamacita’s, a great Tex-Mex place. The customer service was stupendous. The employees responded to every customer as if they were at a five star restaurant. Not to mention, the food was very fresh and fulfilling. After devouring great food and having a spritzer that was much appreciated, sleep was the only thing left to do. Oh, and watch the Fourth of July fireworks display that was put on for the town of Fredericksburg.

The next day we traveled downtown and this is where things became quite interesting. Fredericksburg is popular for its vineyards, so in passing through the small town you can’t help but notice the streets are littered with vineyards, wineries and opportunities for wine tours. Walking downtown, it’s safe to say we spied wineries, wineries and more wineries. Every other shop offered wine and beer tasting and afforded you the opportunity to grab a drink to go. I asked my husband, “So, if we stop in every shop, are we still tasting or are we drinking at that point?” We perused the downtown shops until the shade ran out and then we determined it was time to go, but not before purchasing wine.

This quick, overnight getaway, offered a serene setting free of the hustle and bustle of city life. The town is considered a retirement community, so although a great deal of people were visible at all times, everyone seemed tranquil. In our quick getaway we managed to get quality exercise, excellent dining experiences, superior wine selections and a peaceful visit.



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