Palazzo Pants and Polka Dots


Palazzo pants are the absolute best! They are the epitome of the term “dressy casual”. When the school year is winding down or I have professional development during the summer, I welcome palazzo pants. They are extremely comfortable but still give off a professional vibe when worn with the proper top.

Now, if you read Polka Dots Please, you know my favorite print/pattern is the polka dot. So, can you imagine my glee when I stumbled across this perfect pair of polka dot palazzo pants in New York and Company? They were having one of their fabulous sales and I was able to snag this pair, off the mannequin, for 80% off the regular price. The darling mannequin was also wearing the shirt featured, so I took that as well and left her bare. Now, I typically don’t shop complete outfits that are displayed on showroom floors but this look was too charming to pass up.

I can wear polka dots everyday. The pattern has a playful appeal. I also enjoy the coziness and freedom of palazzo pants. If you enjoy them as well, head over to New York and Company for one of their incredible sales. And don’t forget your coupons.


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  1. Love those pants!! I need them!!

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