Networking with Poshmark


Last week, I was presented with the opportunity to attend a Poshmark networking event. I met a lot of fun people, had a couple glasses of “lemonade”, and gained a ton of followers that night. I viewed the written goals and gains of many women in the room and I realized Poshmark is helping dreams come true.

I joined Poshmark approximately one year ago as a courtesy to a friend. For the first six months after creating an account, I never opened the app. While cleaning out closets during the fall, I finally took a look at this Poshmark “thingy”. The first page I viewed was my girlfriend’s page to see what she was selling. When I realized she was selling her kid’s used clothes, I became overjoyed. I thought, “If I can offer for sale my son’s used clothes, I can make some things happen!!!” And from there, my online resale shop began and I took the time to learn how to make Poshmark work in my favor.

I’ve been an ACTIVE seller on Poshmark for approximately seven months. I have sold many of our used goods for pennies; but excellent customer service, great reviews and five stars from customers have attracted more buyers and viewers of my closet. Having no true desire to ever work a part time job, Poshmark has afforded me an opportunity to bring in a monthly stipend from my home.

During the Poshnation networking event, I had the chance to hear how Poshers have made selling on Poshmark their full time job . There were women that incorporated their Poshmark selling into their full time businesses. I met several young ladies that paid for family vacations using Poshmark. One vacation was a $10,000 trip for the family to Disney. And, I couldn’t begin to keep up with the number of women that paid for weddings using their Poshmark earnings. Poshmark has definitely been a favorable option for supplemental earnings for my family. And I would highly encourage anyone with quality, used goods looking to earn a few extra dollars to consider this online resource. Happy Poshing!

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