The Wolverine State




Two weeks ago the family took off for our annual vacation. My husband warned us there would be several stops, some brief and some lengthy.  The focal point of our trip was Michigan, where my son was scheduled to compete in the Junior Olympic’s National Track Meet. Based on this, we knew we would spend the bulk of our time at Eastern Michigan University where the track meet was being held.

Although we spent 10 hour days at the stadium, we still found breaks in the schedule to move around the state. We toured The University of Michigan, which was so extensive, we found ourselves circling the athletic facilities multiple times before having to ask for directions to the other parts of the university. The university extended for blocks and required us to drive around the college grounds versus walking as we usually do on campus tours. Visiting the university on a Friday night was amusing. Needless to say, we saw some very lively and entertaining people in Ann Arbor.

Prior to leaving our home, we agreed we had to take a tour of Motown. Arriving at Hitsville, I looked at the building and stated, “Berry Gordy made a a lot of people famous in that little bitty house!” Even after seeing The Temptations, I was shocked by the size of the building. We completed the tour of the Hitsville Museum and the only downside of the expedition was that no photography or recording was allowed inside the museum. Our guide was one of a kind with an amazing voice that echoed through the halls. The museum still held many original items such as the vending machine, time cards, flooring and instruments that were used by the band. There was also memorabilia on display that had been donated by some of Motown’s greatest artists. The tour gave me a whole new perspective and appreciation of the movie The Temptations, the artists of Motown, and the hits that were produced on the label.

Although Michigan was one of our extended stays, we spent most of our time supporting the kids that advanced to one of the biggest meets of the year. I had the chance to laugh with the kids, meet new coaches and share in the experiences with the athletes. I was truly grateful to see the love, support and respect the athletes had for each other, and to witness so many talented individuals perform at such a high-level. Although this part of the vacation was atypical for us, the memories we created with the kids will last a lifetime.





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