Niagara Falls

“I love the sounds and the power of water, whether it is the waves or a waterfall.”

Having never learned to swim, I usually shy away from water. When presented with opportunities to participate in water activities I always opt out, unless I’m standing in the face of my son trying to give him the courage to do something that deep down inside I’m afraid to do myself. Now, I love the sound of streaming water, as long as I can hear it from a distance. But sometimes God’s beauty pulls me in and He allows me to embrace His offering while gently relieving me of my sense of trepidation.

Niagara Falls gave me that experience, that calm. The views were, as a friend of mine described it, majestic. Having an opportunity to experience Niagara Falls from both the Canadian side and the U.S. side, one might debate which offers a better view of “The Falls”. But, what can’t be argued is the magnificence and the power of the gifts of nature.

While touring Niagara Falls, Ontario, we first opted to walk and take in the essence of what The Falls offered. The Canadian side allowed for a more panoramic view of both the American Falls and  the Horseshoe Falls. After our brief stint of walking, we decided to take a ride on The Hornblower. This was a boat tour of The Falls that definitely allowed us to get up close and feel the gentle wraths of The Falls. After our boat tour, we walked over to Clifton Hills, which I kept referring to as “The Boardwalk.” Clifton Hills contained a number of restaurants, gift shops, arcades, rides and the opportunity to be in the midst of other tourists, and a lot of them I might add. During the evening we walked back over to The Falls to see them light up during the night. A picture couldn’t capture the total elegance and exquisiteness of The Falls in that moment.

Niagara Falls, NY…OH MY GOD!!! The views from the Canadian and U.S. sides were different but equally pleasing. The distinction between the two was the quiet. Although crowded, the U.S. side was not as busy. Most people were sitting enjoying the serenity even in the midst of thousands. On the U.S. side, we walked multiple trails and visited the park. We were able to stand over The Falls, walk under The Falls, and walk alongside The Falls. We were also able to get up close and personal views of all three waterfalls, the Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and the American Falls. Since we participated in the boat ride on the Canadian side, we decided on the Cave of the Winds this time, which is a walking tour of The Falls. Other than the word majestic, exhilarating is the only other word I can use to describe this experience. In the midst of my fears, I found a new happiness. Not only was I not afraid to walk through the waterfalls, I would walk away and run back into the feeling of pounding water against me. That moment was more magical than Disney!

I’m not going to say I enjoyed one side of Niagara Falls versus the other. What I will say is they offered different perspectives of one of the greatest creations. I am ecstatic for the opportunities this experience provided. It allowed me to face my fears and more importantly recognize and appreciate even more, the beauty of God’s work.











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  1. haisacalatorimsite says:

    It’s interesting to see how it looks from the Canadian side. My photos are taken from the American side.

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