Chapter 43 – Let’s Talk About Me! (25 Random Facts About Me)


  1. I believe in afterlife and in my second life I would like to come back as a purple and gold butterfly.
  2. I use coupons and/or price match to shop for everything, including clothes.
  3. Prior to packing my suitcase for travel, I iron every item including nightclothes and tee shirts. I personally think it makes the suitcase lighter. (3B). When packing, clothes are arranged systematically. For example, the third bottom in the suitcase matches the third top.
  4. I sleep with my eyes open.
  5. Love Jones is my favorite movie.
  6. I hate for people to leave hair on counters, in the sick, or in the bathtub. Whether it’s shedding hair from their head, pubic hair, facial hair, doesn’t matter…I hate it all.
  7. I do a daily devotion every morning and a reflection of thanks every evening.
  8. I (re)read The Bridges of Madison County and The Coldest Winter Ever every year.
  9. I have about 50 gray hairs and they all sit at the center of my head so my stylist refuses to give me a middle part unless I insist.
  10. I wear dresses often because it doesn’t require me to match two pieces together.
  11. I didn’t drink my first soda until I was 21 years old. Now I can’t seem to kick the habit.
  12. If I feel anxious prior to going to bed, I listen to the sounds of streaming water or Mariah Carey’s Emotions cd. Those are two things that can soothe me immediately.
  13. I have a difficult time giving and following directions/routes to locations. I also struggle reading maps.
  14. I wanted six kids. Seriously…
  15. Chocolate cake and chocolate chip cookies with pecans were the only sweets/desserts I ate for the first 27 years of my life.
  16. I don’t usually give people second chances but I let one guy break my heart three different times before deciding I needed to move on.
  17. I love taking pictures and I use to take professional photos every year. I stopped the professional photos about five years ago but I still take pictures every week.
  18. I am adamant about being on time for my son’s functions and activities but I’m usually late for my own.
  19. Greenery excites me and I prefer being outdoors.
  20. I firmly believe my grandmother died so my son could live (another story for another day).
  21. Although I ran track for 16 years, I always said I would marry a basketball player. Ha! I married a runner.
  22. My favorite color is purple.
  23. Regardless of the occasion, I never have more than two alcoholic beverages in a social setting.
  24. I am a Barbie collector.
  25. I will text a person all day but refuse to answer their call. :  )





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