Dolphin Tours – Orange Beach, AL


Whenever we’re vacationing, no matter the time of the year or location, finding a tranquil spot during the trip is necessary. While visiting Alabama, my husband booked a dolphin tour. When boarding the boat, the passengers were told, “While riding, you might see dolphins but there’s no guarantee.” I was puzzled because this was a dolphin tour. What do you mean we MIGHT see dolphins?

As the boat ride began and we started to get comfortable, I was no longer worried about seeing the dolphins. The sun radiated the perfect amount of light and warmth. The winds blew just enough for us to remain cool in the middle of a hot, southern summer. Conversation was limited and movement was scanty. The ride was serene and it was obvious most of the passengers were on this tour to relax and were the least bit worried about dolphins.

Suddenly, when all was as calm as could be, a dolphin appeared. And then another and another. Because of the seating arrangements on the tour boat, all the passengers were able to get a clear view of the dolphins chasing the boat. The smaller kids on the tour were totally amazed as were the adults. Between the weather, the ride, the company and the sighting of the dolphins it was definitely a splendid day!





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