Everyday Essentials



As women, we feel there are essentials for everyday glam. This day and age more and more women are buying beauty products to “step up their game”. One of the beauty products that are totally necessary for me other than soap, deodorant and lotion is perfume. I love the idea of smelling delightful everyday, so it is necessary I wear a fragrance every single day. Some of my favorites include:

Anais Anais – Although this is  a very old fragrance, this is still one of my favorites. The scent reminds me of grandmother’s house. This perfume is difficult to find and most retailers that carry it still sell it for approximately $75/bottle. They know it is hard to find this scent so they have no need to lower the price. During the holidays, it can be found at TJ Maxx or Ross for around $30/bottle. I make sure to grab a bottle or two during that time.20190129_091814[1]

Weekend Burberry – After Bill Bellamy starred in “How to be a Player” he was interviewed by Essence and reported this was one of his favorite scents. I enjoyed the role he played in the movie so much that I felt I needed to try it. This is one of the lighter scents and is perfect for spring. It’s very refreshing but very sexy. This is another fragrance I am able to find at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for about $30/bottle.


Jo Malone (English Pear and Freesia) – This one is new but to me and one I just recently tried. My initial reaction was a definite “NO” but after allowing the scent to settle in, this became a hit. This scent is also very light but puts gives me quiet, garden vibes. Definitely one that has moved to the top of the list. The particular perfume can be found at Dillard’s for $68/bottle.


Viva La Juicy – What can I say? If you haven’t tried it, you are definitely missing out. This is a scent that is sure to let everyone know “I was here”. This scent probably brings about the most compliments and people are always inquiring about it.


Bond No. 9 (Scent of Peace) – Now this is definitely one of the pricier perfumes that I wear. When I first attempted to try this particular brand, no one had samples because “These bottles run about $300, we can’t afford to give out samples.” LIES!!!!!! Even on the official website most of the fragrances can be purchased for $250 or less. I was not willing to pay that price for something I was not sure of. Thank God I found FragranceNet. I was able to sample many of their products before deciding on which ones I would like to have. In addition to that FragranceNet always runs sales so this has been a win for me. In addition to that, TJ Maxx online carries some of the products for about $80/bottle.


These are just a few of my favorites that I truly enjoy. Smelling good is just as important to me as looking good. “People who smell good are automatically more attractive.” Unknown

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