Little Black Dresses – Staple Pieces


We all know that black dresses are a staple part of any female’s wardrobe. In the words of Karl Lagerfield, “One is never over-dressed or under dressed with a little black dress.” While this may ring true, black is another one of those colors I loved to hate. Anything black was pushed to the back, of my closet that is. Since I didn’t have white clothing items, black was always in last place. I had black pieces, I just never chose to wear them unless it was necessary.

Now that I’m “seasoned”, the black dress has become essential. It is a piece that can take me anywhere. It has become my goal to ensure I have a black dress for every season and possibly any occasion. This remarkable LBD can be worn for multiple events. You can dress it up for church or dinner and just as easily dress it down for teaching.

This particular black dress is very comfortable and the material stretches which is beneficial if you’re having a big dinner or having to sit in the floor and assist a student. It has immediately become one of my favorites. While it’s close-fitting, it’s comfortable, stylish and versatile. More importantly, it’s on sale for an amazing price of $14.99 found here.

Stay tuned for more LBD ideas coming soon!




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