Lace and Leather


Dressing up is so delightful for me. I spend so much time in sweats and jeans, I get a thrill out of getting fancy. My husband and I planned a date that consisted of dinner and a night of jazz. As stated previously, I always try to put together a fresh look when we are headed out for dates.

This “hot” number was purchased from a boutique I found on Instagram. When I received my purchase, while I was very pleased with the skirt, the original top was too revealing and a tad bit small for my liking. Because I was obsessed with the skirt I didn’t want to bother with trying to send the items back and having to find another product due to their “exchange only” policy. I pushed the skirt to the side and figured I would come across something at a later date to pair with it.

While cleaning out my closet a few weeks later, I came across a leather and lace top I had purchased from Express and placed in the back of my closet. It still had the tags on it and I had contemplated donating it on a couple of occasions. After doing a once over, I realized it might work with my new purchase that had placed in the back of the closet as well. This combination turned out to be perfect and my husband actually thought the top had been bought with the skirt. This outfit was full of comfort and sensuality.



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