Mini Skirts for the Win



As we approach spring, I am looking forward to warmer weather, sundresses and mini skirts. I am fond of the vibrant colors that seem to come with spring selections in my favorite stores, sandals and a level of comfort I can only feel in a skirt or a dress. While I love the flow of maxi dresses, I tend to opt for just the opposite when choosing my skirts.

I am always in favor of a mini skirt. Growing up I always bought a mini skirt or mini skirt set when shopping for school clothes. Honestly, I love to show my legs and I also believe you can add more “flavor” to a mini skirt. You have the option of flats, thigh high boots, sandals, tennis shoes, etc. Mini skirts give you diversity.

This number was found on the clearance racks of Express and the color caught my eye. Since I opted for a simple, white blouse, I chose to add some color with my shoe selection. I chose a shoe that totally contrasted my skirt but had shades of pink in the design. And let’s not forget that belt to give that waistline a slimmer appeal. This turned out to be a very cool, casual and comfortable outfit for the win!!

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