Patterns and Polka Dots


My love affair with polka dots today is as strong as America’s love affair was with polka dots in the 1920’s. While polka dots are popular for kids, I have always been obsessed with the playful pattern. Polka dots are very feminine and “extra”. It’s definitely a pattern that helps you stand out in a crowd.

During the month of September, I’m going to sport some of my favorite polka dot outfits. I’ll start with this little number I found on Amazon. I loved this dress not only because of the polka dots but also the mixture of patterns and colors. Initially, I purchased this to wear to church and/or work but after receiving it, I discovered that was not going to happen. Although it was a cute number, I did not find it appropriate for either setting. However, I was so fixated with this dress that I decided it would be used for date night. This dress has enough stretch to hug all your curves and the length is perfect for taller women. The split in the front definitely adds a layer of sexiness to the dress. While this dress did not become my first Sunday communion uniform, it was definitely a date night hit.


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