Polka Dot Power


Can we talk comfortable, cute and casual? This number from New York and Company is a must have if you love polka dots and maxi dresses. This dress is definitely multi-purpose. It can be worn to church, work, dinner and can even be worn as a cute, casual spring look if you’re going out for coffee or lunch.

Initially, I wanted to get the length of this dress altered but after putting it on and wearing it out of the house, I realized I loved the flow of it. It drags the ground but it’s not so long that I find myself tripping over it. I also like the fact that it is a full wrap dress that can withstand the wind without revealing anything and it allows me to move freely.

Similar to the last number, the dots are sizable which makes the dress more lively. I prefer longer dresses and skirts because it gives a slimmer appeal. And by the way, I always look for blue and white polka dots first. Do you have a preference of colors when selecting polka dots? Do you like prints and patterns or do you stick to the basics?




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