Oranjestad, Aruba

20191221_164040I’m sure many of us are sitting in the house taking this time to reflect, relax, and regroup. Some of us are spending more time exercising, reading, learning new crafts and enjoying family. Many of us that spend a lot of time on social media have probably used this time to look through our 7,982 selfies and all the pictures that show our delight when we were able to socialize and hang with our friends.

One of the last trips I took before this pandemic was a trip to Aruba. I wanted to travel somewhere quiet and calm but near the water. Aruba was the perfect place to go to experience this tranquility and stillness. Oranjestad was busy and magnificently quiet at the same time. I spent everyday on the beach and while there were thousands of people hanging out, it was almost as if I was in seclusion. The indescribable joy I experienced gazing out at the clear blue water, listening to the sultry sounds of nature and watching families relish in some of the most blissful moments made the trip even more incredible.

While it’s not a secret that I love the beach, few people know I love butterflies just as much. I knew there was a Butterfly Farm and I almost opted to skip the chance to visit because of the holiday schedule. It was closed most of the days I was there but on the last day, it opened. I had an internal battle with myself as to whether or not I should go and I’m glad I chose to stop by. It was a glorious sight to be surrounded by the beauty that is the butterfly.

Typically when I travel, I scratch the place off the list and look towards the next adventure. However, Aruba is definitely worth doing again sooner rather than later. As I sit back reminiscing, looking at the pictures, and watching videos of the crashing waves, I can’t help but remain at peace and appreciate the opportunities to experience and explore.



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