Ipsy Review

My September Glam Bag

I recently decided to try Ipsy, where I have an opportunity to try five trial size products every month. I’ve seen Ipsy advertisements for a couple of years now but was very skeptical because I don’t feel I use enough beauty products to need five new ones every month. However, when I realized you complete a survey so they can determine products that best suit your needs AND you have the option to skip the month, I figured it was worth a try.

The first thing I love about Ipsy is you get a new make up bag every month. Now, please understand, I don’t use them but they are cute enough to be used as stocking stuffers during the holiday season or they can be used as a replacement gift bag for small tokens. They send a makeup bag they deem suitable for the season. It is wrapped separately from the products so it arrives with absolutely no wear and tear.

The next thing I love about Ipsy is that I get to pick one product every month of my choosing. Each month I have chosen mascara because that is the beauty product I wear the most and it’s also one of my splurge items . If I rack up enough trial size products, that’s one product I can save on throughout the year.

More importantly, I have been just as satisfied with the remaining four products they have chosen for me each month. Every eyeshadow I have received has been appropriate and the colors palettes have included only the shades I use. This is perfect because none of the items I receive are being wasted. I’ve also received some of the most amazing scrubs and masks. I am happy to report Ipsy is sending quality products and the ration is more than sufficient for the cost. If you love makeup or you are still in the experimenting phase with beauty products, just as I am, I would strongly encourage you to try Ipsy. It is definitely worth the hype.

August Glam Bag
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  1. PoojaG says:

    I tried Ipsy for a while and some of the stuff I got was really good!

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