Fake Religion

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Prayer is the only answer I know.

This week I had a blog post all planned out…in my head. I failed to complete tasks I needed to complete to write about one of my favorite topics, fashion. So as I sat struggling with writer’s block, I received a text asking about religion, faith and fake worshippers. The message left me feeling like “WHOA!”. My dear friend was very disappointed in the actions of people near and dear to her behind closed doors but were quick to jump in the “Yes Lord” and “Amen” corner on Sundays. I was asked my perspective on religion, faith and God. Whew Chile!

First, let me say I don’t believe in trying to guide people on their spiritual journey. I feel this journey shows you your purpose, God’s will for your life and how you can live a more fulfilling life according to His will and His Word. I contemplated just being silent on the subject and letting her determine what she needed to do until I realized she was seriously thinking about giving up.

My question to her was, “So based on your observations, what is your purpose? Her reply was, “What do you mean?” I explained to her when we see something wrong we often try to fix it. What could she do in that moment to support the people she spoke of? What did she see in herself that could be offered to help them grow? At that point she became silent. I explained to her my husband and I are facilitators of a Marriage Enrichment class at church. I shared to her when we were selected we didn’t find ourselves to be adequate because we didn’t study the Bible as much as others and we weren’t the shouting, religious type. But we later learned that was the very reason we were selected, because we were more of the world than in the church. In leading this class we discovered we are all faking religion in some sense but we have been able to help each other grow. Instead of passing judgement, we took off our masks and shared real experiences and became a support group for each other.

I’m not sure what advice others give to people that struggle with religion and faith. Sometimes I feel it is a journey many of us should travel alone. What guidance would you give someone that felt lost?

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2 Responses to Fake Religion

  1. One thing I try to remind others, when people in the church let them down or fail them, is that the church is a Hospital, we are all sinners, and God is continuously working on each and every one of us. You were wise to question her with what she felt her purpose was in the situation! God Bless


  2. barbiebeauty says:

    Victoria, you are so right. We go to the church for healing and I am reminded of the song that stated, “God is not through with me yet.” Thank you!


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