An Attitude of Gratitude

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Lately I’ve found myself mentally and physically tired. Each new day and each new challenge has left me feeling more and more exhausted. I had this idea that once I finished graduate school I would find myself in a totally different state and at ease. However, I am a teacher in the year of 2020 and right now there is no tired like 2020 teacher tired.

This morning I woke up extremely grumpy and practiced an entire speech to present to the school administrators. I wanted to speak with them as to why my school day started earlier than any other face to face teacher and why it lasted longer than any other virtual teacher. I wanted the rationale behind me having to do both. I needed answers to all of my “whys”.

In the midst of my griping, to myself, I seriously considered the idea of quitting. The problem is, I’m not a quitter. So instead of thinking of reasons to leave, I had to convince myself of reasons to stay. The first thing that came to mind is the idea that being an educator has afforded me the opportunity to support my son financially as he experiences college at his school of choice. The second thing that came to mind is the idea that I’ve worked under several leaders and all have given me the opportunity to support my son without ever complaining or questioning my priorities. Pausing for a quick second and having that moment led me into a complete moment of gratitude and changed my perspective for the day. While thinking and thanking I just started going down the list. God I’m thankful for…

A brand new day with new mercies

Your favor on my life.

My family and friend.

My health and strength and being of sound mind.

A roof over my head.

Food on the table.

A support system like none other.

Establishing boundaries and protecting my peace.

My job

God’s protection..

While my list didn’t stop there, these were the minimal things that forced me to remember my good outweighs my bad. I stopped griping and started extending my thanks.

As a result, my day has gone better than expected. How are you maintaining your sanity? Send some tips to your girl.

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