Fall Favorites

Fall has arrived and the temperatures are starting to drop in the great state of Texas. We still have to prepare for all four seasons to get through the day, but getting some relief from the heat has been reviving. We are in a season where we can pick from any of our closets and still dress appropriately for the weather.

For me, fall is a final opportunity of the year to wear my skirts and dresses. I’m not particularly fond of tights and pantyhose so very seldom do I wear dresses and/or skirts once the temperatures drop below 60 degrees.

One of my favorite looks for autumn is this faux leather dress. While it can definitely transition to a winter piece, the fact that it doesn’t have sleeves and is mid-length makes it more acceptable during the months of October and November. I’ve always worn this dress exactly as it is, however, I’m thinking of adding a cardigan and boots this year for a winter appeal.

This hot number was actually selected by my husband from Nordstrom Rack. He was super excited about the fact that I really like this dress and he was even more ecstatic about the number of complements I received on this dress. Your thoughts? What are some other ways you would revamp this look?

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