The End of the Road

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2020 has definitely been one for the books. People have been anticipating the closing of the year and the beginning of the end of a very difficult journey. I sat with my family to have a conversation surrounding 2020 and while we wanted to suggest it wasn’t the best year, it was still a year full of productivity.

At the beginning of lockdown, I think many of us were feeling gloomy and doubtful about what was to come. My son’s senior year and track season came to an abrupt end while we were on Spring Break. A couple of the young ladies I trained were on the road to state and had to settle for what could have been. I was challenged to teach online while attending graduate school online. Scholarship opportunities became limited because NCAA afforded athletes another year of eligibility. Exercise facilities were shut down during a time we all needed to exercise physically and mentally. And the list goes on.

At the beginning of our initial two week quarantine, I was spinning in circles. I cooked and cleaned and cooked and cleaned. As time went on, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to focus on goals I had been wanting to knock out or trying new things in my stagnant and predictable life. No matter how I spin the coin, at the end of the day, my good days far outweighed my bad days and I made a decision that simply existing wasn’t enough. Talking to my family I had to really put things into perspective to help them fully understand my attitude of gratitude.

  1. As a woman I healed. I continued going to therapy and was afforded ample time to figure out more of who I am and what I am capable of doing. I wanted an understanding of why I lacked the self confidence I had as a ten year old and a 20 year old. I was able to face my truths and forgive myself so I could grow into the person I am destined to become.
  2. As a student, I completed my graduate program which I thought would have been done approximately 20 years ago. This milestone taught me it’s never too late to do the things that are a part of my destiny.
  3. As a mother, I let go and let God. I raised my son and made many sacrifices for 18 years. God reassured me I had done a god job and it was time for me to take my hands off of His child. My son was able to go to a school of his choosing on a scholarship that covered most of the cost of his tuition. He made the Dean’s List his first semester while taking classes in his major.
  4. As a coach, I helped all of the girls I train run their personal best during their shortest season ever. Having only run half of a season, they were all able to drop three to four seconds off of their times and were in the top rankings in the state in their respective events.
  5. As an educator, I became Teacher of the Year. Enough said! I was deserving of it and I’m proud of myself for giving it my all three years in a row.
  6. As a wife, daughter, and sibling, I was able to give the best version of myself to each of my family members. Because of my personal growth, I gave them the gift of me versus who I thought I needed to be.

As we move into a new year, I am hopeful as well as encouraged. I used 2020 to set a stronger foundation for my future. My goals are written and while I know God has the final say so, He has given me a platform to use my gifts. So tonight, I’ll break out the sparkling grape juice and toast to what’s behind me and what lies ahead. Cheers to a New Year!

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2 Responses to The End of the Road

  1. PoojaG says:

    The last year was a lot to handle but I am so glad you used it to better yourself. I tried my best to do that too and I think it really helped. Cheers to the new year!


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