Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Last school year, my scholars and I read the book A Big Day for Baseball. It was a very entertaining but riveting read as we had an opportunity to “go back in time” and understand the experiences of Jackie Robinson and history being made. While I have no interest in baseball, after reading this book, I was enthralled and wanted to know more.

As we were preparing to head home from our annual vacation, my husband shared one of the stops was Kansas City, Missouri. BINGO! The Negro League Baseball Museum is located in Kansas City, MO. and I couldn’t have been more than thrilled. This was a perfect time to enhance my learning from the school year. Being in the museum really made reading come to life as I saw pictures of things that were highlighted in the book.

Upon entering the museum, the first thing we came across were statues of fans/spectators dressed in their Sunday best. This was one of the things highlighted in A Big Day for Baseball. Through pictures, readings, sculptures and statues, we got a chance to see how much baseball has evolved. From the seating to jerseys to dress codes to leagues becoming integrated, we saw it all.

The exit was really fun. The exit simulated an actual baseball field with players in position. It also had an area that housed awards for distinguished players that played in the Negro League as well as those that had gone on to break the color barrier and receive honors in Major League Baseball. What a joy this was to have the Magic Treehouse come to life!

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